Rough-in Installation Kit

The rough-in installation kit is designed with a focus on new installations with a mounting method similar that of a standard light fixture. This mounting technique is optimal for the cleanest possible look, as the Freestylist is anchored between joists and aligns flawlessly flush to the ceiling.

Candidates for Installation:

  • Ceiling heights between 86 inches to 12 feet
  • New installations during building process
    • Mounted much like a standard light fixture
    • Installed between joists, sitting flush to ceiling by simply attaching mounting brackets and kit
    • Sheetrock installer will cut around it like any standard light fixture
    • Freestylist unit is inserted into the kit after the ceiling is plastered and painted
  • Well suited for established salons, despite being geared for new installations
    • Cut out in ceiling makes installation simple for electrician to run power

Advantages of Drop Ceiling Installation Kit:

  • This method can be installed anytime; allocate 2 -3 hours for installation
  • Installation as low as 86 inches or as high as 12 feet

Below are 3 examples of salons using the Rough-In Kits.
Click on image to see gallery.


Heavenly Touch

Velocity Stylebar


Download Installation Instructions

All orders are custom manufactured in the United States. A build checklist will be sent to you to confirm your ceiling height and order details before production begins.
Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

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