Rough-in Installation Kit

The rough-in installation kit is specifically designed for new installations and sheetrock ceilings. The kit includes a metal frame that is installed between your ceiling joists.

**New Construction:** It's best to install the frame before drywalling your ceiling. Once the frame is positioned correctly, your electrician can wire the built-in outlet. You can then attach your sheetrock or blueboard, and complete the plastering and painting.

**Existing Construction:** For an existing ceiling, first mark where the dryer’s cord should emerge. This should be directly above the client's head when they are seated in the stylist's chair. Locate your ceiling joists next. If the desired cord position falls on a ceiling joist, you can place the metal frame's side against the joist. Since the cord centerline is 1-3/4” from the frame’s side, you can position the cord 2-1/2” from the desired centerline, which is acceptable. The metal frame is 8-3/8” high and should fit between the joists, flush with the bottom of the sheetrock.

Afterwards, the Freestylist can be placed into the metal frame, plugged in, and secured with a decorative cover attached with six screws.

The complete installation kit is priced at $211.20, making it both easy and affordable to install your Freestylist.

Below are 3 examples of salons using the Rough-In Kits.
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Heavenly Touch

Velocity Stylebar


Download Installation Instructions

All orders are custom manufactured in the United States. A build checklist will be sent to you to confirm your ceiling height and order details before production begins.
Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

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