Rough-in Installation Kit

Our rough-in installation kit is very useful in ceilings where you want a clean
look. They can be installed in between ceiling joists and sit flush to the ceiling.
The rough-in kit are designed to be used in new installations and mounted much
like a standard light fixture. Simply attach the mounting brackets and the kit. The
sheetrock installer cuts around it like any ductwork or light fixture. The Freestylist
is inserted into the kit after the ceiling is plastered and painted.
The rough-in kit is also very well suited for old work. It is very easy to install
because the cutout in the ceiling makes it simple for your electrician to run the
You can install the rough-in kit in ceilings as low as 86 inches and as high as 12

Below are 3 examples of salons using the Rough-In Kits.
Click on the salon name to see the picture, exit the picture by clicking on the X on the top right.
1. Caru
2. Heavenly Touch
3. Velocity Stylebar

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