The Freestylist pays for itself in the first 6 to 12 months, because the increase in revenue and the decrease in expenses offset the price of the Freestylist. The Freestylist pays for itself twice over by year 2. With the use of the new Freestylist technology, your salon can easily justify an increase in its cut & style fee.


Freestylist dryers can last much longer than conventional dryers, typically 50% longer but sometimes as much as 100% longer with proper care. When dryers last longer between replacements, you are saving money. You are also saving the planet’s resources. The system is designed so a dryer’s typical sources of failure are eliminated. *Since the Freestylist dryer turns on and off automatically, the On/Off button need never be touched, so the button will not fail. *The cord strain-relief often pulls out when a conventional dryer gets old. The Freestylist dryer is equipped with new patented technology that is designed to prevent this type of cord strain-relief failure.

Yet another source of failure for conventional dryers is breakage from dropping. The Freestylist dryer cord is custom measured based on each salon’s ceiling height, so that the dryer can never touch the ground. Preventive maintenance you should do: Every dryer, whether a Freestylist dryer or a conventional dryer, still needs preventive care; this simply means periodically removing the dust from the air filter at the back of the dryer. This simple procedure helps prolong dryer life.


The Freestylist will help you save on your utility bill. Using the traditional method, stylists do not turn their dryer off when placing it under their arm or elsewhere while sectioning. However, the Freestylist is a point-of-use system. When sectioning while using the Freestylist, the dryer automatically turns off when parked. This results in a potential 7-15% energy savings per dryer. Electrical savings could be as much as $70 per station per year! For a 10-station salon, this is almost $700/yr.
A 1500 watt dryer was used in this example, typical 10 station salon operating 6 days a week:

Assuming dryer ‘on’ time = 5 hours a day

7% energy savings 15% energy savings
1 station 10 stations 1 station 10 stations
Total KWh per day 7.5 75 7.5 75
Total KWh savings per day .53 5.25 1.13 11.25
Energy cost savings per day $.08 $.81 $.17 $1.73
Energy cost savings per year $24.19 $241.92 $51.84 $518.40
BTUs generated per hour 4,092 40,520 4,092 40,920
BTUs generated per hour 24,552 245,520 24,552 245,520
BTUs generated per day 24,552 245,520 24,552 245,520
AC energy savings per year $7.73 $77.28 $16.56 $165.61
Total Energy Savings $31.92 $319.20 $68.40 $684.01


Salon owners dread the thought of any of their clients getting injured at the salon, such as from tripping on a cord. Not only might they get sued, but they also do not want any harm to come to their clients. Eliminating that risk can give the salon owner greater peace of mind. It can also reduce liability insurance premiums. No salon owner wants to hear about a stylist getting injured from tripping. By eliminating dryer cords on the floor, the Freestylist can help eliminate the risk of injury and lawsuits from tripping. Talk to your insurance agent about a potential reduction in liability insurance and workman’s comp rates.

A great majority of companies use financing for their equipment. Financing is a smart move because you get full use of the equipment, without needing to save up or tie up the money up front. It requires smaller down payments than a typical bank loan. Financing has tax benefits as well. Consult your accountant to see how you can fully expense your finance payments.
Financing is an excellent way to get your salon quickly deriving the benefits of the Freestylist. You can even structure your finance agreement to cover construction and installation. Salons that have chosen the financing route are happy Freestyling salons.

We work closely with a variety of financing companies to help you get the money you need. Your monthly payments will depend on the finance term you choose, the number of stations being outfitted, and your credit.

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