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Freestyle Systems
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Privi SalonPrivi Salon
01:50 20 Sep 23
We have had freestyle blow dryers for 8 years now have the lighting and love everything they do for our salon!!Great company to work with and love how much they care❤️
An innovative, functional and very versatile system! We are delighted and very proud to have made the decision to invest in this system.Freestyle makes our work much easier, reduces daily physical wear and tear, and at the same time the hairdresser always looks tidy.It has aroused great curiosity among the clientele, giving us the opportunity to talk to them about the investment, and without much effort we have managed to make a difference and show everyone once again that we work hard to be up to date and to be able to give them the best service.An innovative, functional and very versatile system! We are delighted and very proud to have made the decision to invest in this system.Freestyle makes our working hours a lot easier, reduces the daily physical wear and tear and at the same time the salon looks always tidy.It has aroused great curiosity among customers, giving us the opportunity to talk to them about the investment, and without great effort we have managed to make a difference and we have shown everyone once again that we work hard to be on the cutting edge and be able to give them the best service.
lana orcalana orca
20:16 28 Aug 23
Wonderful service, quality product, happy client!! Highly recommend this lights for a hairsalon. My space is looking amazing with them on.
Primp BlowPrimp Blow
22:08 21 Aug 23
A Decade of Dependability. Free Style Hanging Blowdryers Transform our Salon's Experience. As a dedicated client of Free Style hanging blowdryers for over 13 years, I am thrilled to share my unwavering satisfaction with this exceptional salon equipment. Throughout my extensive experience in the beauty industry, these blowdryers have proven to be a game-changer in terms of reliability, low maintenance, and the overall well-being of our hardworking staff.One of the most remarkable aspects of Free Style hanging blowdryers is their unparalleled dependability. Year after year, these blowdryer systems have consistently delivered top-notch performance. As salon owners, we can attest to the peace of mind that comes with knowing we can rely on our equipment without the worry of frequent breakdowns or costly repairs.Maintenance is virtually a non-issue with Free Style hanging blowdryer systems. This not only saves us valuable time but also ensures that our focus remains on delivering quality services to our clients rather than dealing with equipment malfunctions.One of the most commendable benefits of using Free Style hanging blowdryers is the positive impact they've had on our staff's well-being. Working in the beauty industry demands long hours on one's feet, often up to 10 hours a day. The ergonomic design and convenience of the hanging blowdryers have significantly alleviated the physical strain our staff used to endure. This translates to a happier, healthier team that can consistently provide exceptional service.
Chris MitchellChris Mitchell
21:52 27 Jul 23
I've used the freestyle system at work and was pleasantly surprised at the difference it made during the day. Not having to worry about cords or picking up a heavy hair dryer throughout the day made such a difference at the end of my shift. I would recommend this for any hairstylist that is tired of waving around that heavy hairdryer and is ready for the convenience of the freestyle system.
Kassandra MKassandra M
18:32 05 Jul 23
Sasha ViteriSasha Viteri
16:56 05 Jul 23
Great system for longevity and efficiency! Hair stylists all over who care for their bodies and want to work smarter not harder… NEED it!
emily wanchisnemily wanchisn
14:59 29 Dec 22


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We LOVE the Freestyle System

We LOVE the freestyle system; less clutter, better for stylists' shoulders, great look! Our guests think they're pretty cool, too - most think they're just a cosmetic feature :)
We've been open for just over 3 years and have just now had the second (of 8) dryer need service.

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Refresh Hair Design Studio
Brenda Troyer
Elkart, IN

The best blowdry system ever created!

The best blowdry system ever created! This system allows the blowdryers to be weightless. There is no tension on your wrists what so ever! The other great thing about this system? No more wire clutter! Your station always looks clean! I reccomend that every salon get this system!

Frank Musolino
Craft Hair Studio
Bernardsville, NJ

Less cords to tangle up

We love our freestyle support system! It keeps the hairdryers out of the way but still in reach. Less cords to tangle up! It's also a great conversation piece and adds a bit of flair that other salons don't have. It works very well with our old industrial building!

Suzie Beardsley
Bei Capelli Salon
Daytona Beach, FL

Worth Every Penny

We have had our freestyle units for two years and for the first time had a unit need work. We had it back within a week of sending it! We also had the best experience with ordering them for the salon with Paul and we think the units and the Company are worth every penny. Not to mention they make our salon so much more organized and beautiful and we have less stress on our bodies! Every client wants to know if they can have one in their bathroom and think they are so classy looking in the Salon. Thank you Freestyle for making our salon life better.

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Kristy Wells
Sage Salon & Color Bar
Jackson, MS

Totally Loven

Totally in loven. THANKS FREESTYLE

Eiramyl Delgado
Eiramyl Salon and SPA
Hatillo, PR

Wish I Would Have Done This Years Ago

It's been a week on the new Freesylists system and my only complaint is to myself, that I wish I would have done this years ago. It just is so easy and comfortble to use. I have 30 years experience in the field and have a shoulder problem and since the Freestyle system, I am hopeful that it will reduced my pain level after a long day of work. Within a few blow dry styles I felt very comfortable using the system. It's a great conversation piece in the salon. Again I am one "happy camper" and only wish I would have done this a couple of years ago. Don't put it off, get on board!!!

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Daryl Hicks
The Classic Salon
Oil City, PA

Adds So Much More Professionalism

I love how the Freestyle Systems adds so much more professionalism to your image. The reduction in cords at your station helps give a clean appearance. I noticed a quick change in the way my back felt due to the reduction in weight of the dryer. The system is very easy to use and only took a couple of days to adjust to and get comfortable with it. A lot of guests at first thought they were just hanging for decoration, until they saw them being used. The Freestyle System has definitely helped our salon and salon team take it to the next level.

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Tara Grigsby
Studio 6 Hair Salon
Springfield, IL

Chronic Pain…Gone

We love the Freestylist Systems. I personally have done hair for 18 years now and I was starting to wonder how much longer my neck and shoulder pain would allow me to continue in this amazing industry. I was thrilled to discover freestylist systems. My freestylist takes the weight and pressure off of my shoulders helping me to not have the chronic pain anymore. It is great to not have to go to the chiropractor every two weeks! Yay!

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Kim Olson
Hair Therapy
Columbia, MO

Time Savings

The day we opened our new Paul Mitchell Focus Salon the buzz was out about our contemporary design featuring the Freestyle lighting and blow dryer system. Salon professionals, guests, staff and just people passing by all marvel at "the dryers hanging from the ceiling!"The ergonomics and time saving aspects are wonderful. The Freestyle System was an integral part of the clean, fresh feel of the space and the natural spectrum lighting tops it off.

David Adams
David Adams Salon
Santa Cruz, CA

Best Thing To Happen

The Freestylist system is one of the best things to happen to our industry. It not only helps with upper body strain, it streamlines the look of our space.

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Karen Guither
Lavender Hill SpaSalon
Richmond Hill, GA

No Physical Pain

Our salon has had the Freestyle system for several years now and our designers love it, especially our owner! Most of the staff really appreciate the fact that this system will allow them to do hair longer without experiencing physical pain that comes with the job! It also looks amazing in the salon! I love the fact that there are very few repairs to deal with!

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Mary Winter
Spa Hollywood
Sarasota, Florida

Changed My Life

We all love the Freestylist because it's so easy to use & there is no clutter of electrical cords getting tangled. Our customers love the Freestylist because it shows that we care about stylists performance at work, & it looks so professional throughout the salon.This Freestylist has saved my career due to the fact I have bursitis in both shoulders. I am no longer tired at the end of day from holding the blow dryer in various positions. I would certainly recommend that ALL hair stylists get one in order to save their muscles down the road. This Freestylist freed me from painful torture.This Freestylist has completely changed my life for the better!

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Toni Houser-Staskus
Hairs 2 U
Winter Park, FL

Added Four More

We purchased our first set of dryers when we were first opening in 2006. We just expanded and added 4 more!
The system is well worth the money and has not only been a wonderful addition for the sylists' health and well being, our clients love it! Many want one in there home!

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Jennifer Eaves
Studio 3 - The Salon
Houston, Texas

No Break Downs

Ease of Handling cord and temperature . Muscles in arms . Couple of days to learn how to handle.
No tangled cords
Cons;Bunk clients in head with handle. Most Stylists hold dryer by neck not handle . No special diffuser
My system is already 3 years old no break downs

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Kathy Morando
Hello Beautiful Color Salon & Spa
Tampa, Florida

I Love The Dryer

I love freestylist dryers a lot.powerful ,strong,effective,lightweight,ergonomic,no cord on the floor,looking supercool!:)what else stylist need? Yes-all of us and our clients want to have it in our own bathrooms!!

Atelier Aveda Salon Spa


This system is the future NOW!
It is effortless, and makes my work more efficient.
It is great for impacting new clients who think that I invented it. Ha! I would like to see a way to add other appliances to a secondary system.
The best new idea in years

Robert Verrone
Verrone Hair Studio
Pittsford, New York

Happy with the Freestyle System

We are very happy with the freestyle system. We have a very large client base that all think the dyers are the coolest thing ever. The only down side to the system is the design of the cord coming out of the top of the hair dryers. We have a NUMEROUS repairs done on almost all of our hair dryers several times with the design of the electrical attachment. I've tried to buy new dryers but was offered no type of discount on buying 10 dryers for my 10 stations. Thankfully the Folks at Elchim repair them at a reasonable price. Other than that we love the freestyle system.
*Note from Freestyle Systems: Hair dryers are warrantied by the hair dryer manufacturer
i.e Elchim, Solano, Bio-Ionic, Paul Mitchell warranty their own dryers.

Tony Manfredini
Salon Posh
Northville, MI

Quality Equipment

My wife Lilly, who is a master stylist was developing a serious pain in her shoulder and arm through her wrist. We thought it was Carpal tunnel. To our surprise it wasn't, it was a middle back and shoulder displacement. We knew that the blow dryer was the culprit. We did extensive research and came across the Freestylist. We were so impressed with the functionality and ease of use that I outfitted my entire salon with their system. At first the stylists at my salon were hesitant, but after two to three weeks they loved them. Now well over a year later you couldn't get them to go back to the old way of blow drying.
The equipment is totally American made and you can tell it is. I'm a contractor as well as a salon owner. I know quality equipment when I see it. The units are very well built with no compromise on quality. We have not had one problem with any of our units, and they are put to the test every day. Liquid Hair Salon has won the Salon Today Top 200 salons in the country award two years in a row. I tell you this to emphasize that we are a very, very busy salon. These Freestylist systems are built to last.
Not only do the stylists love them, it reduces fatigue and allows you and your salon to be more productive. They are literally weightless, and the mechanism is so smooth.
The clients also love them. They think that they're cool and forward thinking. It adds credence to our high end professional salon. It's a must have if you're serious about always moving forward. Liquid Hair Salon loves their Freestylist blow dryers.

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William Distelcamp
Liquid Hair Salon
East Brunswick NJ


I have to say that I am a gadget guy first of all. I thought that the Freestylist was cool when I bought it and I still think so! First, the obvious is that we no longer get cords tangled around chairs, feet and guests! Second, I have much less fatigue in my hands and arms while working... God bless! The biggest surprise was unexpected. The dryers last longer between tune-ups because they can NEVER be dropped! We currently use all the same dryers for consistency. We are discussing in the future to have each stylist choose their own dryer. Honestly, I love the system, including the option to keep them insured. Thanks again for creating Freestylist!

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Rolf Waller
Wilmette, IL

Can’t Live Without Them

We could absolutely not live without these now that we have them! The best investment I have ever made in a remodel and look forward to using them for years to come!

The Signature Salon
Alliance, OHIO

No Cords On The Floor

The Freestylist have been great for our salon aesthetically and for the comfort of our team. We love that there are no cords on the floor, out of the way and no tripping over anything, easy power on/off and the use in general. It took our team about two weeks to get used to the Freestylist. The customers are always very intrigued on the look of the blow dryers hanging from above. I think it has helped our salon because our team doesn't have to purchase blow dryers/bring their own in, as a team are all using the same tools and again they look cool hanging from the ceiling. We also have the Spectra lights in our units which are amazing as well.

Carlo Bonsignore
Satya Salon
Gilbert, AZ

Carpal Tunnel

I've been a stylist for 25 yrs in oct of 2009 I was in a lot of right arm pain. Dr said shoulder has arthritis tendonitis in right arm and carpal tunnel in wrists, took me off work indefinitely said I needed to retire. In March I went to the ABS show in Chicago to purposely check out the freestyle . I talked to Blair and he asked me what I was looking for and I explained my problem . I ordered one and in May it was installed by August 2010 I was out of pain, so 4 months after installing and using everyday, my arm doesn't hurt . So the investment that I paid for the freestyle cost me 2 weeks pay, clients comment on it , I still have problems round brushing with it, it seems I have to pull it to round brush. I can't say that it helped or hurt my salon, but it helped me personally. I recommend them especially to those of us who have been in the business as long as I have, I'm thinking of ordering more for my staff as a reward for something .

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Darlene Faulkner
Ashley's Salon & Day Spa
Belvidere, IL

Never Go Back To The Old Way

The freestylist system is revolutionary! The weight of the dryer is gone! No more cords to deal with! All of our stylists noticed immediate improvement, less fatigue and back pain. Using the freestylist system takes no time at all to get use to. It is a great marketing tool, clients tell thier friends about the salon with the hairdryers hanging from the ceiling and they just have to come and see. We will never go back to the old way! Freestyle systems Thanks so much!!!!

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Piper Spitzer
Deux Amis Salon
Denver, CO

Clients Love Them

While designing our new salon space we opted for the FreeStylist & SpectraLights Systems. We were dealing with a vaulted ceiling so we built a canopy over each station to accomodate the systems. Besides being a great focal point aesthetically, the floating blow dryers are a great tool to ease the discomfort of daily blow drying. They were easy to get used to, great to move around the chair and our clients love them! The lights are a great addition also. They help us get a true reading for determining the proper hair color. These systems really elevated our salon to the next level!

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Pat Lockhart
Pat's Hair Design & Color Group
Lakeland, FL

Differentiates Us From Other Salons

We love the Freestyle System. It differentiates us from most other salons; it takes the stress off the stylist's arms; and it is more comfortable for our guests. A three-way winner, you can't beat that!!!

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Jim Abraham
The Abraham Experience Studio
Richfield, Ohio