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I love love love my dryer!!

I love love love my dryer!! Your invention has changed my life as a hairdresser- and you not only make my day- you make my clients days too! They love that I am using something so hi tech while blowdrying. I can not thank you enough for getting this made and shipped out to me in such a timely fashion! You are going to go very far with your company , and I can not wait to see what you have up your sleeve for the future of hairdressers! Congrats on all of your success , and thanks again!

Natalie Burke
Natalie Burke Salon
Las Vegas NV

Cant wait to design my next salon around the Freestyle System in the future!!

I first saw the Freestyle system in a salon near my home prior to opening my own salon in January 2011. It was my first purchase above and beyond anything else! I love the idea of now cords laying all over the floor, wanted a clean, neat looking salon. We are on the outskirts of Chicago and its gives the feeling of a downtown salon in the suburbs, ( as quoted by many new clients). The dryers are a attraction piece in my salon, they are certainly a topic of conversation everyday. The Freestyle system support/technical team are readily available to help with any questions or situations that may arise. My sister has stopped complaining of shoulder pain which is priceless. I highly recommend spending a bit more for this amazing system. Cant wait to design my next salon around the Freestyle system in the future!!

Karen Rodriguez
House Of Blonde Salon
Arlington Heights IL

If I can keep my great staff longer doing what they love to do then it’s a win win

I bought the freestyle 3 yrs ago after my Dr. told me I was going to have to think about retiring. After 23 yrs in this business I thought there has to be a way. I watched Tabitha's show and saw them in Marios Salon. So I went to the ABS show looking for the freestyle , I thought the price was more than I could afford but I couldn't afford to not work either so I bought one. Tendinitis in my right arm, carpel tunnel in right hand and arthritis in right shoulder. Ok I got it to the salon had an electrician install for me. Took me a little while to get used to it , but after 3 months I wasn't in any pain anymore. Its been 3 yrs still no pain. Im looking to but more in for the rest of my staff , they all have 26 yrs as well and are having the same issues as me before I got my freestyle. If I can keep my great staff longer doing what they love to do then it's a win win.

Darlene Faulkner-Tindle
Ashley's Salon and Day Spa
Belvidere IL