Switch to Freestyle Systems for sleek, user-friendly blow dryers that keep your salon clean and your stylists comfortable. Our customizable systems turn on when you need them and off when you don’t, saving energy and reducing wear and tear on your dryers. Plus, they’re designed to alleviate strain on your stylists’ wrists, hands, and shoulders. With Freestyle, you’ll elevate your salon’s aesthetic while improving efficiency and client satisfaction. Join countless satisfied salon owners and make the switch today!

Experience Weightless Blow Drying

Experience weightless blow drying with the latest technology that makes your hair dryer feel effortlessly light and beautifully style in no time. Say goodbye to heavy, cumbersome blow dryers and hello to a refreshing, weightless hair drying experience.


Salon Lighting

Clients want to see themselves in the best light possible. Correct lighting can boost their confidence by providing a clear and flattering reflection during services, which can lead to higher client satisfaction and repeat business.



Clients may appreciate the absence of cords, which can add to their comfort during styling sessions. It creates a more relaxed and luxurious atmosphere in the salon.



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