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The Freestylist

The Freestylist Support System is the world’s first and only weightless blow drying system. The system suspends the dryer from above and supports the total weight of the dryer. When in use, the dryer feels like it is floating.The dryer turns on automatically when it is pulled down, and turns off automatically when it is raised back up to its resting position. The Freestylist Support System fits into virtually any ceiling type. When a hair dryer needs to be replaced, simply disconnect it and connect the new dryer.More

The SpectraLights

Salon lighting has always been a challenge until SpectraLights developed the perfect salon lighting. These salon lights deliver sunlight accuracy while being the most energy efficent salon lights in the world. “The lighting in the salon is amazing!” says Salon Halo’s co-owner Billie. “Salon Halo teamed up with TIGI…., we had educators in last week for a color class and the educators could not believe our lighting, even saying it was the best salon lighting they had EVER seen.” More


Our selected brands of dryers are modified to work with our Freestylist. Choose from the following brands: Paul Mitchell, SalonTech, Elchim, Croc, Bio-Ionic, Gamma Piu, One, Exit, Solano, Cortex and Twin Turbo. These powerful dryers are perfect for blowout bars. They feel weightless on our system so the heavy duty dryers are now effortless to use. More

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