What is the Freestylist ?

Weightless Beauty

Weightless Blow Dryers

Comfort for Stylists: Designed to alleviate strain on wrists, hands, and shoulders, ensuring stylist comfort.



Elegant Style

Client Satisfaction: Enhance client experience with a seamless and professional salon.

Biguine Salon

Sleek and User-Friendly Designs: Elevate your salon’s aesthetics with distinctive designs.

Salon with Industrial Ceiling

Clean and Efficient: Maintain a tidy salon and boost overall efficiency.

Installed in a Drop Ceiling

Safer Workplace: Eliminate tangled cords and messy floors. No tripping hazards or unsightly clutter.

Light Platforms

Perfect Salon Lighting: Our lights are specifically designed for beauty salons, drastically reducing shadows to reveal true hair color.

Installed Above the Ceiling

Automatic Operation: The system automatically turns the dryer on and off, ensuring it’s always ready and within reach. Simply grab the dryer, and it’s on and ready to use in under 2 seconds.

Installed in a drywall Ceiling

Switch to the Freestyle System today. Your stylists will not only be happier and experience reduced fatigue from long blowouts and less arm and shoulder pain, but your clients will also be impressed with the enhanced comfort and quality of service.

Experience Weightless Blow Drying

Experience weightless blow drying with the latest technology that makes your hair dryer feel effortlessly light and beautifully style in no time. Say goodbye to heavy, cumbersome blow dryers and hello to a refreshing, weightless hair drying experience.


Salon Lighting

Clients want to see themselves in the best light possible. Correct lighting can boost their confidence by providing a clear and flattering reflection during services, which can lead to higher client satisfaction and repeat business.



Clients may appreciate the absence of cords, which can add to their comfort during styling sessions. It creates a more relaxed and luxurious atmosphere in the salon.



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