Installation Overview

The Freestylist is designed to be installed directly over your client’s head. It is very important it is installed in this position. Each Freestylists needs to be on its own 15amp 120V electrical circuit.

The first part of installing the Freestylist is understanding what is the best installation method for your salon. We provide pictures below to better help you make that decision.

Installations are divided into 5 major categories

  1. Drop ceilings / suspended tile ceilings
  2. Above-the-ceiling installation kit
  3. Rough-in installation kit
  4. Suspended installation kit
  5. Light platforms

Important Things You Need To Know


This is not a cord rewind device. It is a very sophisticated free-floating dryer support system, This device is engineered to support the weight of the dryer the whole time it is being used. It must be installed directly over the client’s head when seated. Be sure your contractor is careful to follow the exact installation location instructions.

Measure your ceiling height exactly. The Freestylist’s dryer cord is cut according to the measurements you or your contractor provides. If this measurement is off by as little as 3 inches then you may need to send the Freestylist back for modification.

The height adjustment is important. We adjust the dryer’s resting height to clear the stylist’s head by only 1 -4 inches. For example if the stylist is using the station is 5’4″, then the bottom of the dryer’s handle should be 5’5″ to 5’8″ from the floor. Caution: Higher clearances lead to poor ergonomics.

The Factory sets the tension so the dryer floats down slowly when the brake is not engaged. This is the proper setting. It is a common misconception that the tension is too loose if the dryer drifts down. CAUTION: The mistake of setting the tension so the dryer is stationary leads to unwanted resistance when using the dryer.



Above the ceiling installation kits

Installing the Freestylist above ceilings that are 12 feet or less in height is one of our cleanest installations. Once installed, all you see is a small cord guide in the ceiling with the Freestylist cord exiting from it.


Drop Ceilings / Suspended Tile Ceilings

Installing the Freestylist into a drop ceiling is as easy as having your electrician install a light fixture. The Freestylist does not use any additional electricity, so you can use the same electrical circuits as the ones used at each station.


Rough-in kit

Our rough-in installation kit is very useful in ceilings where you want a clean look. They can be installed in between ceiling joists and sit flush to the ceiling.


Suspended installation

Installing the Freestylist in open and high ceilings can be done very easily using our suspended installation kits.

There are 3 main installation methods.

  1. Mounting directly to a ceiling that has a ceiling height of 12 feet or less.
  2. Suspending the Freestylist using threaded rods, and tubes for a ceiling height of 16 feet or less.
  3. Installing the Freestylist directing onto unistrut. There are no ceiling height limitations.

Light Platforms

The Freestylist was designed to be installed directly above your client. While your electrician is wiring your Freestylist, you should have them run the electrical wires for lights, too. Our light platforms offer you the perfect solution for lighting your stations. The lights are spaced apart to give even lighting all around your client. The result is minimal shadows and the perfect amount of light for you to do your job.