In 2008, Spectralights pioneered the beauty salon LED lighting industry. While lighting designs and technologies have evolved since, the fundamental lighting needs for beauty salons remain constant. At Freestyle Systems, under the Spectralights division, we continue our unwavering commitment to providing premium lighting solutions designed exclusively for beauty salons.

1. **Stay Ahead of the Curve:** Embrace the evolution of lighting technology by choosing Spectralights. We’re not just pioneers; we’re trailblazers in delivering top-notch lighting solutions tailored to your salon.

2. **Energy Efficiency Matters:** Our lights aren’t just the best for beauty salons; they’re also the most energy-efficient on the market. Save on your utility bills while providing exceptional illumination for your clients.

3. **Tailored to Perfection:** Explore our selection to find ambient lighting and styling chair-specific lights in the ideal 3500 Kelvin range. These lights are meticulously designed to enhance the salon experience.

4. **Mirror Magic:** When it comes to lighting up your clients’ faces at station mirrors, remember to use our 3000 Kelvin lights. They’re your secret weapon for making sure your clients look their best.

Elevate your salon’s ambiance and functionality with Spectralights. We’re not just selling lights; we’re offering an essential tool for your salon’s success. Choose excellence, choose efficiency, and choose Spectralights for a brighter, more beautiful salon experience.

Lighting Categories

Salon Lighting Tips

Achieving ideal salon lighting is a breeze with just a few fundamental pointers. Mastering concepts like Kelvin, Lux, and Lumens is the key. Click here for an in-depth exploration.

Light Platforms

Elevate the ambiance of your salon and experience true hair color with our light platforms. Say goodbye to shadows and hello to the perfect balance of illumination. Explore your options by clicking here.

LED Light Bulbs & Fixtures

Enhance your current lighting system by choosing from our selection of replacement bulbs or complete fixtures. Transform your existing lights into the ideal salon lighting solution. Explore your choices by clicking here.


Track Light Heads

Discover the versatility of track lights, offering precision in directing light onto your clients’ hair, even from elevated positions. Explore our extensive range of top-quality options. Click here to find the perfect track light heads for your salon.

Track Light Parts

Find everything required to set up your salon’s track light system, from essential hardware to our tracks utilizing standard H-wiring. Click here to access the components you need.

LED Ceiling Lights

Experience the remarkable benefits of our ceiling LED flat panels, where flawless illumination and minimized shadows come together to enhance your space. Click here to discover the array of options available to you.

LED Wall Lights

Welcome to our wall lights collection, expertly designed to cast a gentle 3000 Kelvin light on your clients’ faces. This soft illumination enhances your clients’ complexion, creating a more flattering and appealing look. Click here to explore how our wall lights can provide the perfect lighting for your clients’ faces.