SpectraLights are the first LED lights ever engineered for the salon industry. By closely matching the Sun’s visible spectrum, SpectraLights provide the optimal lighting for accurate color service. First seen on Extreme Makeover/Home Edition on Mother’s Day 2008, Ty Pennington’s secret room was a private salon in the house and featured the Freestylist and SpectraLights.

SpectraLights are the most energy efficient lights available to the salon industry. Using SpectraLights in your salon can greatly reduce energy consumption, and save you up to $3000 a year in energy costs. A 5″ 15 watt SpectraLight emits the same amount of light as a 100 watt floodlight while using a fraction of the energy.


  • are Environmentally friendly technology
  • are Energy efficient
  • are Low voltage
  • are Safe
  • can last an average of 20 years in a salon setting (80,000 hours)
  • are needed for accurate color service in a salon

Feel confident in knowing that all the lights we carry: SpectraLights, our Flat Panel LEDs, and our bulbs, are perfect solutions for your salon’s diverse lighting needs.

Lighting Categories

Salon Lighting Tips

It’s easy to get really nice salon lighting if you know what to look for.

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Light Platforms

Our light platforms add a whole new elegance to your salon while providing perfect light.

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Recessed Light Fixtures

Get great prices on standard recessed light fixtures.

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Recessed Light Trim Rings

Our trim rings work perfectly with our recessed fixtures.

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LED Light Bulbs

Replace your existing light bulbs with our LEDs that are specific for hair color and skin tones.

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Track Light Heads

Use our track heads for directing our LED lights directly onto your clients hair.

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Track Light Parts

All the hardware you will need to setup your salon with a track light system.

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LED T8 Tubes

Remove your old flicking poor color rendering fluorescent tubes with our LED tubes. Your salon will thank you !

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LED Ceiling Lights

Use our flat panel or troffer lights for your ambient lighting needs. The flat panels have a huge advantage in reducing shadows.

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LED Wall Lights

The flat panel wall lights are for casting a softer low kelvin light so your clients complexion looks nicer.

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