Freestyle Systems offers many brands of dryers for the Freestylist. Our offerings represent some of the best professional dryers on the market. As new dryers are introduced to the market by the industry, we evaluate and incorporate the ones that meet our standards.

Historically, many stylists have sought out lightweight dryers. Their popularity is based on stylists seeking relief from the stress and strain of blow-drying with hand-held dryers day in and day out. Lightweight dryers are made with DC motors, whose life expectancy is only 400 – 500 hours. Heavier dryers are made with AC Motors and are capable of lasting more than twice as long (1200 hours).

The great advantage of Freestylist dryers is that no matter what the dryer weighs, once it is attached to the Freestylist, it becomes weightless. What this means is that Freestyle Systems is able to choose the best professional dryers for the system based on the heat they produce, their reliability, their ergonomics, their low noise level, and their long-lasting motors (AC motors), rather than based on weight.

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