Introducing the Freestylist, your ultimate solution to the discomfort and fatigue of prolonged hair drying sessions.

**Unmatched Comfort**: With its constant counterbalancing mechanism, the Freestylist effortlessly supports your hair dryer’s weight, offering unparalleled comfort. No more worries about carpal tunnel or shoulder strain—it’s like your dryer is floating in your hand.

**Simplified Cord Management**: Bid farewell to tangled cords. The Freestylist eliminates all cord chaos, allowing you to focus on styling without interruptions. No more knots, chair entanglements, or floor messes.

**Efficiency at Its Best**: Time is precious, and the Freestylist optimizes blow drying efficiency. Get your dryer up and running in less than a second, delivering faster and more precise styling results.

Don’t just take our word for it—see it in action in this video clip showcasing the Freestylist’s efficiency. [View here]

Upgrade your hair drying experience with the Freestylist. It’s not just a support system—it’s a game-changer for stylists who demand comfort, convenience, and efficiency. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to the future of hair drying. Try the Freestylist today!

Benefits of the Freestylist

Weightlessness: The blow dryer feels completely weightless, reducing strain on stylists’ arms, shoulders, and wrists. This minimizes the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome and other physical discomforts, leading to happier, healthier stylists.
Convenience: Stylists can easily access the blow dryer by reaching up, activating it automatically. Its feather-light feel enhances ease of use, making blowouts more efficient and enjoyable. [View here]
No Cord Hassles: With no cords tangling around chairs or posing tripping hazards, salon stations maintain a clean, professional appearance. The management of the dryer cord from above ensures a clutter-free environment.
Reduced Electrical Costs: Automatic activation and deactivation when reaching for or putting away the dryer minimize unnecessary running time, reducing electricity consumption compared to traditional dryers.
Enhanced Salon Appeal: The visually striking suspended dryers create a high-tech salon ambiance, impressing clients and prompting them to share their experience with others. This can lead to increased foot traffic and referrals.
Stylist Satisfaction: Stylists enjoy blowouts more after they become acclimated to the system, as they no longer dread the physical strain of holding traditional heavy dryers. This contributes to a more positive work environment.
Durability: By eliminating the risk of dryers falling and breaking, the Freestyle Systems prolong the lifespan of equipment, reducing maintenance costs for salons.


Freestylist Overview page

1. Which Freestylist do you need

Explore the Two Freestylist Options:

1. RA770 is our fully remote contriol unit. You are able to have full control of the dryer’s resting height, as well as how light or heavy you would like the dryer to feel in your hand. These adjustments can be made by using a handheld wireless remote control. When you pull the dryer down, it turns on automatically. Learn More

2. MA440 allows you to have full control of the dryer’s resting height by using a screw adjustment in the back of the unit. How light or heavy your dryer to feel in your hand is set in the factory. When you pull the dryer down, it turns on automatically. Learn More

Installation Overview Page

2. Which Installation method is best

**Choosing the Optimal Installation Method**

When it comes to installing the Freestylist, the key is to position it directly over your client’s head. This installation placement is of utmost importance to ensure optimal functionality.

The initial step in the installation process involves determining the most suitable method for your salon. To assist you in making this decision, we’ve curated a gallery with images that provide valuable insights.

Our installations are categorized into six primary methods:

1. **Drop Ceilings / Suspended Tile Ceilings**

2. **Above-the-Ceiling Installation Kit**

3. **Rough-In Installation Kit**

4. **Suspended Installation Kit**

5. **Light Platforms**

6. **Custom Designs**

The first five categories represent our standard installation methods, each designed to accommodate different salon setups. To explore these methods in detail, please select our “Installation Overview” page on the left.

Should you desire a unique and entirely customized installation approach, Freestyle Systems is more than capable of designing alternative methods and cabinetry to meet your specific needs. Your salon’s vision is our priority.

Dryer Overview Page

3. Which dryer do you need

**Selecting Your Ideal Dryer**

The choice of the dryer you wish to pair with our system is entirely yours. We offer a diverse selection of professional dryer brands for you to choose from. In the event that your preferred dryer isn’t part of our current offerings, you have the option to submit it for potential adaptation.

For more information and detailed insights, please visit our Dryer Overview page. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we’re committed to accommodating your unique preferences.