What is a Freestylist

The Freestylist is a constant counterbalancing mechanism designed to support your hair dryers weight while you’re using it. It was invented to help stylists avoid and alleviate carpal tunnel, shoulder and arm problems associated with holding their dryers weight. A stylist uses their hair dryer like they normally do except now the dryer feels like it’s floating weightlessly in their hand.

The system totally eliminates all cord tangles. Cords tying themselves in knots, getting caught on the chair or client and the mess of cords on the floor are eliminated.

The system optimizes blow drying efficiency. In less than a second the stylist can have their hair dryer in their hand and running. This video clip demonstrates the Freestylists efficency > View here.  While watching keep in mind the dryer is so weightless the stylist, Daniel, can hold it with two fingers.

Benefits of the Freestylist

When the value of the Freestylist is fully understood it becomes a must have item in your salon. Stylists using the Freestylist knows it makes doing blowouts much easier. After 4-5 blowouts stylists arms start getting tired, with the Freestylist that doesn’t happen. The most common statement you will hear from a stylist that has been using the Freestylist is “I can’t do hair with a regular blow dryer any more”. This video helps explain the Freestylist.

  • Every stylist worries about carpal tunnel, rotator cuff, bursitis and repetitive stress syndrome. The Freestylist helps alleviate the pain and ailments of holding a 14-24oz hair dryer all day by making the hair dryer light as a feather. Your days of worrying about pain are things of the past. Watch this video to see other stylists have to say > View here
  • Regular dryer cords get tangled, become a tripping hazard or just get in the way. The Freestylist manages the cord while you use it. No more tangles, no more tripping or strangling your client keeping your work environment clean and safe.
  • Studies have shown that with proper use of the Freestylist the dryer’s ‘on time’ is reduced by 7%. It is estimated that if all the stylists in the United States used the Freestylist it would save 100 million kilowatt hours of electricity every year. If the Freestylist were used worldwide it would save 1 trillion kilowatt hours of electricity every year. Because you can’t drop and break your dryer any more, they last much longer. This means we save our planet’s resources by not manufacturing as many new dryers and we save our landfills.


Freestylist Overview page

1. Which Freestylist do you need

There are two types of Freestylist to choose from.
1. RA770 is our fully remote contriol unit. You are able to have full control of the dryer’s resting height, as well as how light or heavy you would like the dryer to feel in your hand. These adjustments can be made by using a handheld wireless remote control. When you pull the dryer down, it turns on automatically. Learn More

2. MA440 allows you to have full control of the dryer’s resting height by using a screw adjustment in the back of the unit. How light or heavy your dryer to feel in your hand is set in the factory. When you pull the dryer down, it turns on automatically. Learn More

Installation Overview Page

2. Which Installation method is best

The Freestylist is designed to be installed directly over your client’s head. It is very important it is installed in this position.

The first part of installing the Freestylist is understanding what is the best installation method for your salon. We provide pictures in our gallery to better help you make that decision.

Installations are divided into 6 major categories.
1. Drop ceilings / suspended tile ceilings
2. Above-the-ceiling installation kit
3. Rough-in installation kit
4. Suspended installation kit
5. Light platforms
6. Custom designs

The first 5 categories are our standard installation methods. You can learn more about them by selecting our Installation overview page on your left. Freestyle Systems can design different installation methods and cabinetry if you would like something customized and completely different.

Dryer Overview Page

3. Which dryer do you need

You will decide which dryer you want to use with our system. We have many different brands of professional dryers to choose from. You can submit your favorite dryer for possible adaptation if we don’t carry it… Go to our dryer overview page for details.