Frequently Asked Questions

1 Isn't it just a cord rewind?

No. Many salon owners have tried to hang dryers from cord rewinds, but have found them not to be suitable for styling hair. The Freestylist is a very low friction system that will allow you to move the dryer in any direction rapidly without feeling the tug of the cord or the weight of the dryer. It has been awarded several patents. It is a FREE FLOATING SUPPORT mechanism.

2 Isn't that really expensive for a dryer?

First and foremost, the Freestylist is a support system. We include a dryer with the base unit. But in addition to its weightlessness, it offers productivity gains, health benefits, extends dryer life, improves client experience, and removes the clutter from your salon.

3 The dryer looks too low - won't it hit my head?/I'm short - what if I can't reach it?/How will it work if I have tall stylists and short stylists?

The resting height of the dryer can be adjusted with either the wall switch, remote control or adjustment screw to suit the stylist. The system is installed so the dryer is located over the back of the chair. With proper installation, you cannot walk into it.

4 Will it work in my salon if I have a drop ceiling?

Drop ceilings are actually the easiest for installation.

5 When I let go the dryer floats down, what's wrong?

Nothing is wrong. Before you let go of the dryer lift it up briskly. The dryer will shut itself off and the dryer brake will engage.

6 I have a very high ceiling in my salon, will the Freestylist work?

Yes. The Suspended installation kit is designed for high ceilings. Light platforms are a great choice for high ceilings.

7 Will it help reduce my arm, neck, and shoulder pain?

Holding your dryer for hours through long days at the salon creates stress to your muscles, tendons, and joints. Reducing the weight you must hold should go a long way towards alleviating the stress and pain.

Installation Questions

1 What ceiling types can it be installed in?

We have installation kits that facilitate the installation of the Freestylist for virtually any ceiling type. We have kits for ceiling tiles (drop ceiling kit), ceilings with access from above (above the ceiling kit), ceilings with no access from above (rough-in kit). Below ceiling surface mounting, unistrut, and open ceilings use the suspended kit.

2 Can it mount on the wall?

Yes. See pictures of such an install. Wall mounts are custom fabrication at this time.

3 Who installs the Freestylist?

The Freestylist is installed by your local contractor. It is installed in much the same way as a light fixture.

4 Do I need power in the ceiling?

Yes. Your electrician needs to run a 15 amp, 120 volt circuit to power your Freestylist. Don’t worry – they do it every day.

5 Is it too late to get if I've already started renovation?

No, but the earlier in the renovation you contact us, the more flexibility you will have with installation options. We will work with you to determine your installation needs and expedite your order.

6 My contractor will have questions. Who can he talk to?

Our sales staff can field most questions. We have dedicated installation engineers who are very knowledgeable about all aspects of electrical work and construction.

7 Will it work for a high ceiling?

Yes. You can use the suspended kit or attach the system to the wall. You can also suspend lighting platforms.

8 How come the dryer floats down by itself when I let go of it?

“Feel” once they get adjusted to using the system. To engage the brake, lift the dryer high enough for it to shut off by itself. Do this quickly and you will engage the brake. If you can’t reach high enough then adjust the dryer. All Freestylists can be adjusted perfectly.