Suspended Installation Kit

Installing the Freestylist in open and high ceiling can be done very easily using
our suspended installation kits.
There are 3 main installation methods:
1. Mounting directly to a ceiling that has a ceiling height of 12-6” feet or less
2. Suspending the Freestylist using threaded rods and tubes for a ceiling height
of 16 feet or less
3. Installing the Freestylist directly onto strut. There are no ceiling height

The Freestylist is one of the most important tools you can add to your salon as virtually 'ALL' of our customers will attest to. By far the best time to install our weightless hair dryers is when  adding stations, remodeling your salon, or building a new salon. The suspended installation kits can be installed any time. However you should calculate 1-3 hours to install each one. The time can vary based on the installation technique used. It can be as simple as attaching the mounting plate directly to the ceiling, which will take an hour. On the other hand, if attaching to Unistrut, it could take upwards of 3 hours for each installation kit.

Below are 3 examples of salons using the Suspended Kits.
Click on the salon name to see the picture, exit the picture by clicking on the X on the top right.
1. Bei Capelli
2. Kelly Cardenas Salon-Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
3. ARCS - Mandalay Bay

Installation height must be between 98-150 inches from the floor (top of suspended kit). Actual ceiling height can be much higher than 150 inches.

All orders are custom manufactured in the United States. A build checklist will be sent to you to confirm your ceiling height and order details before production begins.
Allow 4-6 week for delivery.

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