Above The Ceiling Installation Kit

The above ceiling installation kit is the most streamlined of the Freestylist installation kits. Upon installation the Freestylist unit is hidden above ceiling with only a single cord visibly suspended from the ceiling to the dryer of choice.

Candidates for Installation:

  • Ceilings that are 12 feet or less in height
  • Floating or suspended wood or sheetrock ceilings with enough clearance to install and remove if inspection is required.
  • Closed soffit with access panel
  • Attic spaces
    ° In climates that drop below 45°F it is recommended to insulate Freestylist unit. Although, the cold does not harm the Freestylist unit, low temperatures may cause the mechanism to become sluggish.

Advantages of Above Ceiling Installation Kit:

  • This method can be installed anytime, with little to no impact on day-to-day operations in salon.

Below are 3 examples of Above Ceiling Kits utilized in Salons:
Click on image to view gallery.

Cherished Beauty

Reflect Salon

Spa Hollywood

Download Installation Instructions
All orders are custom manufactured in the United States. A build checklist will be sent to you to confirm your ceiling height and order details before production begins.
Allow 4-6 week for delivery.

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