Above The Ceiling Installation Kit

Installing the Freestylist above ceilings that are 12 feet or less in height is one of our
cleanest installations. Once installed all you see is a small cord guide on the ceiling with
the Freestylist cord exiting from it.
This technique is used for floating or suspended wood and sheetrock ceilings. All you
need is to have access to the ceiling with enough clearance to put the Freestylist in and
to remove it if inspection is required.
The same method of installation can be used in a closed soffit as long as an access
panel is provided.
Attic installations are very easy. The only caution is to insulate the Freestylist from the
cold temperatures. If attic temperatures drop below 45°F, the cold does not harm the
Freestylist, but the mechanism becomes sluggish.

The Freestylist is one of the most important tools you can add to your salon as virtually 'ALL' of our customers will attest to. By far the best time to install our weightless hair dryers is when  adding stations, remodeling your salon, or building a new salon. The advantage of the above the ceiling installation method is it can be installed anytime, in a few hours with little or no impact on the day-to-day activities in your salon.

Below are 3 examples of salons using the Above the Ceiling Kits.
Click on the salon name to see the picture, exit the picture by clicking on the X on the top right.
1. Cherished Beauty
2. Reflect Salon
3. Spa Hollywood

All orders are custom manufactured in the United States. A build checklist will be sent to you to confirm your ceiling height and order details before production begins.
Allow 4-6 week for delivery.

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