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Freestyle Systems
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Privi SalonPrivi Salon
01:50 20 Sep 23
We have had freestyle blow dryers for 8 years now have the lighting and love everything they do for our salon!!Great company to work with and love how much they care❤️
An innovative, functional and very versatile system! We are delighted and very proud to have made the decision to invest in this system.Freestyle makes our work much easier, reduces daily physical wear and tear, and at the same time the hairdresser always looks tidy.It has aroused great curiosity among the clientele, giving us the opportunity to talk to them about the investment, and without much effort we have managed to make a difference and show everyone once again that we work hard to be up to date and to be able to give them the best service.An innovative, functional and very versatile system! We are delighted and very proud to have made the decision to invest in this system.Freestyle makes our working hours a lot easier, reduces the daily physical wear and tear and at the same time the salon looks always tidy.It has aroused great curiosity among customers, giving us the opportunity to talk to them about the investment, and without great effort we have managed to make a difference and we have shown everyone once again that we work hard to be on the cutting edge and be able to give them the best service.
lana orcalana orca
20:16 28 Aug 23
Wonderful service, quality product, happy client!! Highly recommend this lights for a hairsalon. My space is looking amazing with them on.
Primp BlowPrimp Blow
22:08 21 Aug 23
A Decade of Dependability. Free Style Hanging Blowdryers Transform our Salon's Experience. As a dedicated client of Free Style hanging blowdryers for over 13 years, I am thrilled to share my unwavering satisfaction with this exceptional salon equipment. Throughout my extensive experience in the beauty industry, these blowdryers have proven to be a game-changer in terms of reliability, low maintenance, and the overall well-being of our hardworking staff.One of the most remarkable aspects of Free Style hanging blowdryers is their unparalleled dependability. Year after year, these blowdryer systems have consistently delivered top-notch performance. As salon owners, we can attest to the peace of mind that comes with knowing we can rely on our equipment without the worry of frequent breakdowns or costly repairs.Maintenance is virtually a non-issue with Free Style hanging blowdryer systems. This not only saves us valuable time but also ensures that our focus remains on delivering quality services to our clients rather than dealing with equipment malfunctions.One of the most commendable benefits of using Free Style hanging blowdryers is the positive impact they've had on our staff's well-being. Working in the beauty industry demands long hours on one's feet, often up to 10 hours a day. The ergonomic design and convenience of the hanging blowdryers have significantly alleviated the physical strain our staff used to endure. This translates to a happier, healthier team that can consistently provide exceptional service.
Chris MitchellChris Mitchell
21:52 27 Jul 23
I've used the freestyle system at work and was pleasantly surprised at the difference it made during the day. Not having to worry about cords or picking up a heavy hair dryer throughout the day made such a difference at the end of my shift. I would recommend this for any hairstylist that is tired of waving around that heavy hairdryer and is ready for the convenience of the freestyle system.
Kassandra MKassandra M
18:32 05 Jul 23
Sasha ViteriSasha Viteri
16:56 05 Jul 23
Great system for longevity and efficiency! Hair stylists all over who care for their bodies and want to work smarter not harder… NEED it!
emily wanchisnemily wanchisn
14:59 29 Dec 22


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These Puppies Are So Convenient

These puppies are so convenient. it looks cool, there is one less cord following me around, and it's tightening my flabby underarms.

Sierra Berquist
Barbara & Barbara
Chicago, IL


Didn't take long at all a few days to get adjusted to the freestyle system and now can't live without it!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!
Guests of the salon are also in love with the system they all want a Freestyle system for home and it's a great topic of discussion.

Stacy Nault
Aurvara Salon
Amherst, NH


When we designed our Salon, we wanted to have the finest equipment possible that would allow our stylists to reach their highest level of productivity and not become fatigued physically or develop shoulder and wrist problems associated with this business. The freestyle system has provided our stylists with everything we wanted. They put in about 1/2 hour adjusting the units to their arm length and their normal working space in and around the head of our clients. They now put in 7 to 8 hour days sometimes without a break. Not only do our stylists like the freestyle but the units have been an attraction for our clients. Some of them have inquired about personal installations in their homes. They particularly like the fact that the stylist is not having to continually move the chair to work around the cords. We feel it is one of the safest pieces of equipment in our shop and would not be without them. Thanks for making them available at such an affordable cost for a new installation. We feel that it has cut down on equipment failure as well, that's money in our pockets.

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Frank Randall
The Salon in Ames
Ames, IA

Eliminates Most Of The Fatigue And Pain

I am very happy using the Freestylist. In the past I suffered from shoulder and elbow pain from supporting the weight of the blowdryer. The Freestylist eliminates most of the fatigue and pain associated with using a blowdryer in the conventional manner.The Freestylist floats. As a stylist remember not to hold it too tightly, let the Freestylist do the work for you. Most of the stylist took about three weeks to adapt. Before we had the Freestylist installed in our newly built salon I watch on line videos and read reviews so I knew what to expect and I adapted to the new way sooner.
Customers notice the Freestylists right away and are impressed with the look and enjoy not having the dryer cord mess.

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Carmen Commisso
Simonson's Salon and Spa
Maple Grove, MN

I would never go back to a regular dryer again!!!!!!

The freestylist system has made blowdrying a lot easier, if you have any shoulder problems or a torn rotator cuff like myself then this is the system for you, i would never go back to a regular dryer again!!!!!!

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Renee Teigen
Burlington Ontario, CA

It Has Made My Job So Much Easier !

Couture 360 in Lake Zurich has been officially opened 6 months as of this review. As any business owner will tell you construction and design is very challenging, keeping cost down is one of the most stressful. However, one of the things that I would not give up was the Freestyle System. It has helped in less clutter, no more tangled dryers, no more turning the chair because cords don't reach, no more sore wrists and the best is marketing, clients love that we are innovative and different and they talk about the cool dryers hanging from the ceiling.
The stylists can now move around from station to station getting a new perspective from people around them. No more complacency !!! Stylists love it, clients love it, and it sure makes us look good !!
Rose De Paola
Couture 360 Salon

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Rose De Paola
Couture 360
Lake Zurich, IL


We opened our salon at our new location & had the dryers installed before opening. People walking by were amazed & loved the look. Our stylists loved using them once they got used to them & will never go back. Myself, I have been in the industry for 28 yrs & have always had shoulder issues, & since using the system, I have been pain free. The first thing clients comment about are the dryers!! We do a lot of New York, Long Island & tourist business. I think the clients feel they are in a very savvy salon because of the feel & look they give! Also, when one of my dryers broke, the owner came on a Saturday at 4:00 to fix the dryer & came back on Sunday to put it back together... VERY IMPRESSIVE!!

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D'Ann Scott
Wave Lengths Salon & Spa
New Port, RI


Let me just say NEVER EVER will I own a salon without the Freestyle System!! It is by far the best thing I HAVE EVER DONE IN MY SALON NEXT TO Tabatha : ) !! Not only have they made both of my salons a place where people want to come, they have made my team more comfortable at work. They have saved me energy and have made the salon more organized. I LOVE THEM!!!

Martino Cartier
Martino Cartier Salon
Sewell, NJ

Carpal Tunnel Relief Almost Immediately

Hi! My name is Kathy Jacobs in Durham, NC. I have been licensed as a cosmetologist for 26 years, and a salon owner for 21 of those years. About five years ago, I invested in a salon in a "turn key" position, finally one I did not have to construct myself! When I acquired this space, I needed to do some expansion, and begin to staff it. I have been very successful in every salon I have owned and operated, and have done so by trying to accomodate the public with the latest "cutting edge" level of technology. I knew when I found Freestyle Systems that I had found my next investment. I know so much about this industry that I have dedicated my life to, and was sure that this was the recruiting tool that I needed to build this location with innovative designers, as well as a progressive clientele. I was absolutely correct in my marketing assumption in every way. The clients were, and still are, talking about the system. What I did not bank on was the relief of my carpal tunnel almost immediately!! I was so surprised. I have had carpal tunnel for about 13 years now, dreading the surgery, and time lost from work. Thanks to Freestyle, I can work 10-12 hours with almost no discomfort at all. It has given me the opportunity to continue to work and not be riddled with my condition any longer. I have had the system in my salon for five years now, and I have no regrets whatsoever. If you want to love to come to work, invest in this system, and watch the swelling in your wrists go down, and your profit margin go up!!!

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Kathy Jacobs
Sling Blades Hair Design
Durham, NC

Love it!

Kelly Cardenas Salon
Las Vegas, NV

Like The Look

Like the look. I don't notice any difference. Took me a month to get used to it. Helps with making the atmosphere more hip. Using more than one at a time.

Justin Leavitt
Kelly Cardenas Salon
Las Vegas, NV

It’s Great

It's great, have no complaints just one thing please create a comb attachment for freestyle dryer

Salon I
Baltimore, MD

I’m Spoiled

You don't realize how great they are until you have to go back to using a conventional dryer. I took a styling class out of town recently and had to use my old hairdryer. I was miserable fighting with that cord. Freestyle dryers have spoiled me.

Hawthorn Salon
Jacksonville, FL

Attention Getter

My stylists have grown to love the Freestylist. Some were a little apprehensive at first but have come around 100%. The biggest impact is with the customers though. It is such an attention getter that it creates buzz, and it fits very well into my spa's modern theme. There are many things in my business that set me apart from the competition, and the Freestylist is always mentioned in that conversation

Dave Guzman
Karma 7 Day Spa
Plantation, FL

I felt the need to share:

I felt the need to share: I am from Alberta Canada and purchased my Freestyle dryer 3 yrs ago! I purchased it mainly because I thought it looked cool! Lol...well 3yrs later I found myself having to purchase a replacement! Now back up a min. Never has a blowdryer lasted 3 yrs before! So impressed by quality of the dryers used! So I ordered my replacement, which arrived 1 week later! So #2 of things that impressed me about this company! And here comes #3 being without my freestyle dryer for just one week was absolutely dreadful! Even though I had originally purchased it because it looked cool I had no idea how much of a benefit it was for my wrist, arm and shoulder until a week without it! I found myself icing my shoulder every night braces on my wrist while I slept...what a happy hairdresser I was when my new one arrived a week after ordering! So this is my testament the advertising about how much stress it relieves off your wrist arm and shoulder are so very true! I love my dryer even more now than I did 3 yrs ago I would never be without my freestyle system!!!
Thank you from a very happy hairdresser in Alberta Canada

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Miechelle Tipton
Freedom Hair Design
Alberta Canada

Clutter Free

The Freestylist system keeps my salon looking modern & clutter free. Clients love the floating dryers. They have the wow factor!

LaDawna Lawton
LaDawna's Hair & Nail Artistry
Lemoore, CA

The Best !

Hands Down the BEST!!!!
Since we opened Blu H2O two years ago the Freestylist is the talk of the town!!!They look so sharp and symmetrical in our salon!!! Much easier on the body and "Thank Goodness", one less cord!! Thanks Freestylist!!!

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Katie Paulson & Shelly Joseph
Blu H2O Salon
Rochester, MN

Overall The System Is Great

Our salon has used Freestylist Blow Dryers Since 2005. In the first couple of years after having freestylist installed I was not satisfied. The company was full of empty promises and was not managed properly. With new management, things seemed to turn around. One major problem I have with the freestylist is that it is very costly. I have a box full of broken dryers because every time a dryer blows out, it needs to be replaced with a new one. Having seven freestylist systems installed, it gets very expensive to be buying new dryers every time there is an issue. The company has not offered any repair or replacement warranty. Overall, The system is great. There are no messy wires draped around the chair and client and it is very easy to use!
*Note from Freestyle Systems: Hair dryers are warrantied by the hair dryer manufacturer
i.e Elchim, Solano, Bio-Ionic, Paul Mitchell warranty their own dryers.

John Tomasso
South County Choppers
Narragansett, RI

Team Review: Speeds Up Drying Time

1. "I can't imagine using a regular one." – Heidi, Stylist
2. "Freestyle's No-Fuss technology allows me to focus on giving my best blowout
every time!" – Malcolm, Assistant
3. "I love that the Dryers are fast, hot and easy to hold." – Koduma
4. "I love the chic and comfortable design. The blow dryers are weightless and
easily accessible. In addition, it really does cut down on the blow-drying time.
Couldn't imagine working without them!" – Brittany, Assistant
5. "Clients notice them right away!" – Rachael
6. "I love that there are no cords in the way. It's a great look most clients don't even
realize until they are pulled down. And when they are down, clients are so
amazed!" – Ashley, Makeup Artist / Junior Stylist
7. "No cords, no weight, no hassle!" – Ryan, Stylist
8. "Weightless, cordless, brainless…..a necessity accessory for any blow dry." –
Ryan, stylist
9. "A very time-efficient way of finishing hair. Sets the bar really high for the
competition…..there is no competition." – Manny, Stylist
10. "They look awesome while sparking interest in the art of finishing hair!!" – Drew,
Senior Stylist
11. "No more back pain or tangled cords, love them!!!" – Christine, Stylist
12. "They help prevent carpal tunnel for the stylist, speeds up drying time and makes
our salon stand out as unique!!!" – Andrea, Junior Stylist

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Hoboken, NJ

It Has Made My Job So Much Easier !

Freestylist is bar none the very best invention ever! It has made my job and all my stylists job so much easier. There is no more sore arm from 12 hours of blowdrying a day. The system took about 3 whole days to get use to but after that so amazing!! When our clients come into Rewind they always comment on the dryers - how great they look. Total sex appeal!

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Lisa Lachanski
Rewind Salon
Schenectady, NY

Great For Sectioning Hair

It is so nice to just have to direct the air instead of holding the weight of the dryer. I love that I can let go of it to let down a section and it stays there. My arms are enjoying the break.
One funny thing is a lot of clients ask if it is a camera. What a boring view and it doesn't look like a camera.

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Carol Wilke
Good Hair Days
Redlands, CA

All The Staff Love Them

The freestylist system is revolutionary! The weight of the dryer is gone! No more cords to deal with! All of our stylists noticed immediate improvement, less fatigue and back pain. Using the freestylist system takes no time at all to get use to. It is a great marketing tool, clients tell thier friends about the salon with the hairdryers hanging from the ceiling and they just have to come and see. We will never go back to the old way! Freestyle systems Thanks so much!!!!

Melissa Lazzeroni
Beauty Is
Tucson, AZ

No More Tangled Cords

I opened my brand new salon in Jan. 2011. I had seen Freestylist, and decided to have them installed in my salon.
They were one of the best investments I made. It takes a few days to get used to, but then we never looked back.
There are many benefits, no more tangled cords, no shoulder pains, and our clients think its a good looking system.
Freestylist is a great company to deal with, reliable shipping great customer service. I would recommend this investment to everyone.
Michaeline DAnnunzio

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Michaeline DAnnunzio
Platnum Hair Salon
West Chester, PA

Best investment we’ve made in our Salon!

We purchased 14 Freestylist systems in 2005 and have loved them since! Our first dryers lasted at least 5 years, some longer.
We have unfortunately NOT had the same longevity with the replacement dryers...
Have the dryer cords out of the way of clients potentially tripping on them is PRICELESS!!!! Stylist love the ease of access, as well as they automatically turn off and on.
Overall, it has been the BEST investment we've made in our Salon!

Linda Johnson
The OC Style Lounge, Inc.
Fountain Valley, CA

Everyone loves them!

All of the Stylists have been using the Freestyle Dryers for 3 years.
The girls love them and do notice improvements in shoulder and back pain and fatigue.
They adapted immediately and they are always a conversation piece for all our new guests.
Our only hope is that they be designed to last longer because they are constantly used 9 to 10 hours a day.
Freestyle is very good and prompt on the repairs...just keep an extra on hand...everyone loves them!

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Gail Ritucci
Salon Saveria
Walpole, MA