Unveiling the Powerhouse: LP12 Light Platform with Freestylist Option

Illuminate your salon with brilliance and sophistication using our largest and most powerful LP12 Light Platform, designed to transform your salon experience into an unmatched artistry showcase.

Crafted to impress, our LP12 Light Platform is a beacon of innovation, emitting a seamless and even 10,000 lumens of light across a larger footprint. Bid farewell to blinding point light sources as our precisely engineered light panels eliminate glare, ensuring your salon is bathed in perfectly balanced illumination.

Heightened by a 3500 Kelvin color temperature, this platform sets the stage for true hair color revelation, accentuating warm skin tones and enhancing makeup application like never before. Say goodbye to shadows as the LP12 creates an ambiance where details flourish and artistry thrives.

Tailor your experience with versatility in mind – the LP12 can be ordered standalone, delivering sheer lighting prowess, or opt for the complete package with our Freestylist Support System, offering not just exceptional lighting but also the added comfort and convenience of weightless hair drying.

But that's not all; personalization is key. The LP12 Light Platform isn't just about functionality; it's a statement piece that complements your salon's aesthetic. Customize the finish to seamlessly integrate with your salon's décor, ensuring a cohesive and stylish ambiance that captivates every client who walks through your doors.

Elevate your salon to new heights of sophistication and functionality. Choose the LP12 Light Platform, where innovation meets customization, transforming your salon into an artistic haven. It's not just about light; it's about embracing a complete salon experience that leaves a lasting impression.