LP01 - Rectangular Light Platform

LP01 - Rectangular Light Platform

Transform your salon into a haven of precision and elegance with our cutting-edge Light Platform. Suspended directly over your styling chair, each platform boasts four SL342 LED lights, offering a total of 7200 lumens with adjustable wattage control. The selector switch allows for seamless toggling between 10, 15, and 20 watts, catering to various ceiling heights.

Experience enhanced color accuracy along with a wider 70° angle of light, reducing shadows. Gone are the days of unnatural reds or having to walk your clients outside to show them their hair color after color service. Our LED lights cut energy consumption, leading to savings on both your lighting and air conditioning bills. The Light Platform seamlessly integrates with our Freestylist weightless hair dryer system for a complete styling solution.

Elevate your salon's aesthetic with this sophisticated addition, providing a professional look that radiates from above, enhancing your station and chair. Choose the pinnacle of lighting technology – choose the Light Platform for a salon that shines with precision and style.

*Freestylist dryer support system sold separately*

See pictures of Salons using our light platforms here.

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