LP06 - Round Light Platform

🌟 Elevate your salon's allure with our mesmerizing light platforms – the ultimate touch of sophistication to embellish your entire salon ambiance. 🌟

Immerse yourself in a world of possibilities with various finishes that transform your space, from standard white lacquer sides and black laminate bottoms to bespoke custom colors and wood finishes. Crafted for diversity and style versatility, our platforms are tailored to echo your salon's unique aesthetic.

Introducing the LP06.3 and LP06.4 – the epitome of precision lighting mastery. The LP06.3, adorned with three PAR30 bulbs and customizable beam angles of 25°, 40°, and 60°, ensures an impeccable 1,960 lux at your client's head from an 8-foot installation. Dialing up the luxe, the LP06.4, armed with four PAR30 bulbs, eradicates shadows with clean, radiant hair illumination. At a majestic 12-foot installation, bask in an awe-inspiring 2060 Lux that elevates your clients' hair to a whole new level.

Luxury meets expertise with our lighting virtuosos, guiding you towards the optimal bulb selection for a flawless hairstyling experience. Step into a realm where beauty meets precision – your salon's perfect illumination and a captivating ambiance await!

*Freestylist dryer support system sold separately*

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LP06.3 has 3 recessed light fixtures
LP06.4 has 4 recessed light fixtures

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