LP05 - Victorian Light Platform

Introducing a timeless design crafted for hair salons with a penchant for artistic expression. Ideal for Victorian-themed spaces, this design accentuates moldings and decor while offering customizable wood and paint options to suit your salon's unique style.

Each light platform is a beacon of innovation, featuring 4 SL342 LED lights meticulously engineered to reveal true hair color. Generating an impressive 7200 lumens using a mere 80 watts of power, these lights ensure impeccable illumination. They boast full dimming capabilities and a selector switch for lower power modes, allowing for tailored lighting experiences.

Even in low-ceiling installations, the 10-watt selection yields a total of 40 watts, delivering a remarkable 2132 lumens of perfect lighting for your clients' hair. With a 10-foot ceiling, you can expect approximately 1756 lumens, ensuring an optimal environment for exceptional hairstyling. Elevate your salon's lighting game and create an atmosphere that showcases true hair brilliance with our exquisite light platforms.

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