LP03 - Round Light Platform

Crafted to complement your salon's aesthetic, each light platform serves as the crowning touch, completing the ambiance of your entire space. Available in various finishes, our standard options include white lacquer sides with a white laminate bottom and black lacquer sides with a black laminate bottom, while custom colors and laminate choices are also possible. Additionally, wood finishes cater to diverse salon styles.

Utilizing PAR30 bulbs, our platforms offer beam angles of 25°, 40°, and 60°, allowing precise light focus based on installation height. For instance, employing a 60° bulb at an 8-foot height yields approximately 1,960 lux at your client's head.

At a 12-foot installation using 25° bulbs, you can expect around 1600 lux at the client's head. A lux measurement over 1000 is excellent for clarity, while it's advisable not to exceed 3000 lux.

Rely on our lighting experts to guide you towards the optimal bulb selection, ensuring your salon boasts the perfect illumination for flawless hairstyling and a captivating ambiance.

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LP03.3 has 3 fixtures for PAR30 bulbs

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