Adjusting the dryer height and feel.

MA440 & MA440HV

Adjusting dryers feel.
Dryers are set from the factory to weight about 1-2 ounces. This is the perfect setting for stylists to get used too.
To check your setting pull the dryer down and let go of it. The dryer should float down like a feather would.
The locking lever holds the spring tension that supports your dryer. Warning – If you disengage the locking lever without holding onto the adjuster knob the spring will quickly unwind. You will have to rewind the tension which is time consuming
To change the setting follow these steps,
1. Remove the safety plate. The safety plate is so the locking lever does not disengage from the spring tension by accident.
2. Hold adjuster knob tightly
3. Pull down locking lever and rotate knob in desired direction, push locking lever to reengage, let go of adjuster knob.
Increase spring tension (makes dryer feel lighter) – rotate know counter clockwise.
Decrease spring tension (makes dryer feel heavier) rotate knob clockwise.
4. When the desired feel of your dryer is obtained reinstall the safety plate.

Adjusting the dryers height.
To change the dryers resting height you will need to pull the dryer down to about chest height so internal damage does not occur.
Rotate the Height Adjuster Screw clockwise to lower dryers resting height. Each revolution will lower the dryers resting height by about 1-1/2″ (38mm).
Raise dryer back up until it engages with the brake (dryers cord will go limp).
Rotate the Height Adjuster Screw counter clockwise to raise dryers resting height. Each revolution will raise the dryers resting height by about 1-1/2″ (38mm).
Keep doing these steps until the dryer is at a comfortable height.
Normally the dryer should be adjusted so the brake engages about 3″ (76mm) above the stylists head. The brake is engaged when the cord goes limp.
The dryer will shut off about 2-3″ (50-76mm) before the dryers brake is engaged.


RA770 & RA770HV