LP04 - Round Vented Light Platform

Each fixture comes with the following,
1. Three pre-wired and installed SL4000 Recessed Lights with a 24vDC power
2. A 250CFM whisper quiet inline blower and 6” backdraft damper.
The LP04 is designed to remove unhealthy chemicals and particles from the air above each
styling station. The inline fan is remotely mounted so it is very quiet.
• Our Light Platforms make it easy to install the Freestylist in your salon giving
you the edge in salon technology.
• Available finishes: Brushed Stainless, wood finish or painted (Black or white).
*Freestylist dryer support system sold separately*

Look at pictures of Salons using our light platforms

Download PDF LP installation instructions
Download PDF blower instructions

Note - Each vented light platform comes with a 250 CFM fan and backdraft damper

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