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Physical:Remote Adjustment (RA)
Case: Steel
Size: 7.875"H X 8.375"W X 16.375"L
20 X 21.27 X 41.59 cm)
Weight: 20LBS
Operating Temperature Range: 41°F to 140°F (5° to 60C)
Maximum Installation Height: 12' 6" (381 cm) base of unit
Minimum Installation Height: 7' 2" (218 cm) base of unit
Maximum Dryer Travel: 82" (208 cm)
Highest Dryer Resting Height: 7' 2" (218 cm)
Lowest Dryer Resting Height: 4' 4" (132 cm)
Brake Load Limit: 30 oz
Maximum Dryer Weight: 40 oz
Minimum Dryer Weight: 14 oz
Dryer - Horizontal Motion: 0 oz (adjusted to weightless)
Input: 110-125vAC, 60hz
Circuit protection: 15 amps
Usage: 285 amps (setting adjustments)
Dryer Load – Nominal: 13 amps
UL Standard 355: Yes
UL Standard 498: Yes
CAN/CSA Standard C22.2 NO.21: Yes
Specifications subject to change without notice.

What is covered: The Freestylist Factory Warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship in the Freestylist Support System. The Freestylist Warranty is a two year warranty that begins on the date product is shipped. Freestyle Systems will repair or replace any malfunction associated with the Freestylist Support System, including the Freestylist Remote Control, within the warranty period at no charge. The warranty does not cover damage done to the Freestylist Support System caused by misuse, water penetration, impact, power surges, or attachment of any device not previously approved by Freestyle Systems. Any modifications to the Freestylist Support System by the customer voids the warranty. Attempts to repair the Freestylist Support System void the warranty. Blow Dryers carry their own warranties.
Extended Warranties available: Two additional years (four years total)

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